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Aussie spirit shines this DonateLife Week

Article Date: 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Aussie spirit of doing the right thing by someone in need has shone through in the results of our recent Community Awareness survey. 

The survey shows that most Australians are willing to become organ and tissue donors, with their decision motivated by altruism, a strong desire to help others and to do the right thing.

Those who said they supported organ and tissue donation did so because it was a chance to save lives (85%), they recognised that people die waiting for a transplant (84%), they did not need their organs after death (80%), they saw it as an opportunity to do the right thing (80%) and because there aren’t enough donors (78%). 

Despite the huge support for donation, however, only one third of those surveyed thought they were currently registered to be donors.

Our consistent message to all Australians is how important it is to discuss donation as a normal part of end-of-life planning.

Like all other countries in the world, there will never be enough organs available for transplant, which is why it’s so important that as many Australians as possible take that important next step to register to be donors, and tell their family.

Currently around 1,700 Australians are on the wait list for a transplant that could save their lives, and a further 12,000 people are on dialysis.

Register now and tell your family you want to be a donor. This simple act could save the lives of up to seven people needing an organ transplant, and many more who may need eyes or tissue.

*¹ We commissioned a community awareness survey to provide insights into attitudes, knowledge, intent and behaviours among the Australian public with regard to organ and tissue donation. A representative sample of n=1,574 Australians aged 16 years and over was taken in May 2020.