Organ and Tissue Authority

Australian tissue banks assist with White Island, New Zealand disaster

Article Date: 

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Organ and Tissue Authority are pleased Australia (Vic/NSW) was able to assist so quickly on Tuesday, 10 December by supplying skin to New Zealand for the treatment of people who sustained severe burns in the White Island volcano disaster. 
At this moment in time there is still sufficient supply of skin available in Australia to assist with the repatriated patients from the White Island disaster in New Zealand. The New South Wales, Victorian and Queensland Tissue Banks are working closely together to monitor the levels of skin available to ensure adequate supply for these patients now and over the coming months. Importantly Australia works closely with the international community for organ and tissue donation and can request international supply if required. 
In Australia, skin donation can only occur after someone has died. The best way you can help is to make sure you have registered to be an organ and tissue donor after your death, so we can replenish and build Australia’s supply of skin for this and any future disasters. Remember to also tell your family you want to be a donor. To register please go to  -  it takes less than a minute.