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Amanda's story

My deepest thanks go to my donor and family. Thank you will never be enough.

At the age of 20 I was in the prime of my life. I had my health, I had freedom and I was invincible.

I came down with a bad cold and I was sent home from work with the sweats and a barking cough. On the way home I dropped by a local doctor, who assured me it was a chest infection and I began a course of antibiotics.

Within three days I could not walk more than 100 metres, I was so tired and this cough would not give up! I went to my regular doctor, who ordered a chest x-ray. The doctor called me and asked that I immediately come back. I had a collapsed lung, litres of fluid on both lungs, pneumonia and a severe case of viral cardiomyopathy (myocarditis).

I was rushed to a private hospital where every test possible was run. I was told I was critically ill and may not make it and to call in my family and friends as soon as possible.

For three days the cardiologist came in and the results were never good. My kidneys went into failure, my liver was flooded and my digestive track was shutting down. I was emergency transferred to the closest transplant hospital and then straight into the ICU.

The specialists were amazing through the scariest time in my life. Things were going well, my body was responding to the drugs and I was out onto the ward.

This unfortunately did not last as my heart could not handle it. I went into cardiac arrest and was rushed back into ICU and then to surgery to have a ventricular assist device put in place. I was only on the transplant list for four months though it felt like an eternity.

My thoughts and well wishes are with all the people and families still awaiting their gift.

My deepest thanks go to my donor and family. Thank you will never be enough.

The staff at hospital had my life in their hands and at any given point would drop what they were doing to answer any of my concerns. They will never know the depth of my gratitude.


Nicky Burton