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An angel somewhere

Drew was and will always be our angel.

The tragic life experience that deeply affected our family started for us one Christmas. Leading up to this we were a happy loving family. My husband and I, the proud parents of three wonderful healthy children: Todd, Lisa and Drew.

Our youngest was Drew. A very active loving son, but oh so mischievous. As his older brother and sister went off to school, Drew, lonely for a playmate found an imaginary friend he called Timmy, who was always with him.

One day Drew came to me and said 'Mummy something terrible has happened, Timmy is dead.' I was so upset for him and Drew was heartbroken.

Years passed and Drew grew into a very busy man with not a lot of time to spare, but such a caring man with lots of friends.

Unknown to us, tragedy was lurking not far away and at Christmas Drew was taken from us in a freak motor vehicle accident. His loss shattered our lives forever and we still struggle with this.

From our heartbreak though, came the miracle of a chance at life for a desperately ill baby.

The wonders of organ donation are a blessing. I believe Drew's imaginary friend was his guardian angel who watched over him when he was so lonely as a child, but was never far away from him in his 22 years of life.

Drew was and will always be our angel.


Nicky Burton