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The best gift

Organ donation is the best gift you will ever give

My dad was diagnosed with hereditary kidney disease when I was two years old. He was very sick my whole life. He was on dialysis and often rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. He eventually had to resign from work and we were struggling financially. My pop (Dad's dad)who was in his 70's, didn't realise he could be a donor. He gave Dad a kidney! Dad had been on the transplant waiting list for years though. Not good enough!

When I was 21, I was diagnosed with the same hereditary condition as Dad and the specialists have said in the future I will need a kidney transplant. I am really passionate about organ donation, and would love to offer my time to help.

Obviously, I can't donate my kidneys because they are dodgy, but everything else is free to a good home when I go!

I believe organ donation is the best gift you will ever give and never know you gave!

Thanks for promoting awareness and educating people. All my support.


Nicky Burton