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Brad's life back on track

Image of Brad
In death our organs will be of no use to us, but may be used to help someone in need.

Our 31-year-old son Brad was suddenly diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. You soon learn what faces you- dialysis, transplant or death. Brad commenced haemodialysis at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne for 3 months, then opted for peritoneal home dialysis. It was impossible for him to work as hospitalisation and being hooked up to a machine for 10 hours a day, seven days a week ruled his life.

As a family, we were told there would possibly be a five to seven year wait for a deceased donor transplant. We decided to offer Brad a better quality of life and see if we were compatible as living donors. The transplant team chose me, his father.

The living transplant took place in April. This was both successful and rewarding. Brad was back in full time work six months later and I went back to work after two months. We are both well at the moment and must commend both hospitals and medical teams for their support which still continues to this day. Both my wife Lynda and I have since registered on the deceased donor register as we realise in death our organs will be of no use to us, but may be used to help someone in need.

We are actively promoting the Australian Organ Donor Register and will continue to do so until we pass on. Don't wait until it's too late. We encourage all Australians who are not on the Register to come aboard, as others in need will continue to face our situation in the future.

Nicky Burton