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He's now 15 and a sports crazy young man!

My son Callum was born with a congenital heart defect. He was operated on at the age of 18 months and was a very healthy child until he became breathless and blue at the age of eight.

One day he collapsed while running around with his brother. We saw his cardiologist who gave us the news his mildly leaking pulmonary valve was now a severely leaky one!

We were told Callum would have to go through another surgery to replace the valve and his doctor felt a donor valve was Callum's best option. The medical team wouldn't know if a donor valve was available until just before the surgery, which was scheduled a week later.

Callum's surgery went really well and we were delighted to be told Callum had a lovely new donor valve. It came from an older woman and I'd like to thank her and her family for giving my son a wonderful active lifestyle.

He's now 15 and a sports crazy young man!


Nicky Burton