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Smiling Erica a young lady
Erica was able to donate her heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and corneas.

Our daughter Erica passed away and became an organ and tissue donor at the young age of 27. Out of the blue she became acutely unwell, starting with a massive headache, later found to have been caused by a cerebral oedema. After her admission to hospital it became clear her prognosis was grave, and as a family we started a discussion about organ and tissue donation.

Unbeknown to us, Erica had registered as an organ and tissue donor when she turned 18. This was no surprise to find out, as she was the most generous and giving person you could meet, and was always putting herself before others.

Despite the grief and sudden loss of losing our daughter, this made our family decision much easier, knowing that even in her passing this would be what Erica wanted – to help others. Our decision to support Erica’s donation decision was further reinforced with an awareness of the potential impact the donation of her organs might have – we previously watched Erica’s uncle pass away whilst waiting for a liver transplant.

Erica was able to donate her heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and corneas to save and improve the lives of many other people. She is remembered by her family as a loving and kind daughter and sister, and as a doting Auntie to her nephews and nieces.

Nicky Burton