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Ethan's story

Michelle and Jon
Gone too early, but not in vain

Ethan (or Jimmy as he was affectionately known) was a three-year-old boy who lived his life to the full. He was up before dawn, doing whatever he could before he fell asleep again (wherever that might have been). He lived and he loved. Always affectionate, with a kiss and a cuddle for anybody anytime. Sharing his love with whom ever he could. He was good at sharing.

One morning, he decided to climb the gate to wave to the train that ran behind our property. He was clipped by the train and airlifted to the hospital. It was there that we received the gut wrenching news that the doctors could do no more to help our little boy. We made the heart breaking decision to turn off the life support and donate his organs.

We didn't need to think about it or even be asked, our Jimmy would have shared. The indescribable feeling of hopelessness and despair we felt, knowing that we could not take our little boy home, is something that was so painful we would do anything to help other families not go through it as well. If Ethan could help a family to be able to go home with their loved one, to live, to love and to laugh with... it was the least we could do.

This gave us some comfort in a time where there was none. He might have died far too early, but it wouldn't be in vain.

Michelle and Jon

Nicky Burton