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Georgia's donation

Donate tissue if you cannot donate organs.

My eight-year-old daughter Georgia fought a hard battle for nearly two years with a brain stem tumour. Georgia was given a six to twelve month survival prognosis. This tumour attacks children usually between the ages of five and nine years of age.

The day we all never wanted came and Georgia passed away in January. The thing about Georgia was she was still functioning as a normal child- playing football, going to school and doing everything a normal child would do. That was our true miracle. Most children end up in wheelchairs - unable to talk, eat, walk and eventually go blind. We were so lucky.

The tumour was removed. Most of the tumour was sent to St Jude's in Memphis USA while some went to the research centre at Princess Margaret Hospital.

We were so positive about donation. When we received the results back from the tumour, I went through a very negative patch for a few months.

Thankfully I have come through this and now believe that this was the best thing we could have done. I want to say to others in the same situation, donate tissue if you cannot donate organs. A cure for disease will only be found if you can do this.

Good luck to everyone embarking on this difficult life journey.

Nicky Burton