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Picture of Julie
The feeling is amazing - to see someone you love have their life back.

My twin sister has had kidney disease for the past 17 years and over the last few years her health has had its ups and downs. A few years ago the thought of live donation crossed my mind. Then last March she commenced dialysis three times a week, and without any complaint, she continued working full-time, as well as doing all the things she had done in the past. I still don't know how she did it all! Such an inspiration.

It was then that I got serious about donating a kidney to her. The hospital accepted us and further tests were performed - resulting in the decision to proceed to transplant. The staff at the hospital were very informative and caring and at no point did I ever question my decision, neither did my family.

The transplant went ahead and so far all results have been positive for both of us. We celebrated on Australia Day with her favourite drink. The most emotional time for me was this Mothers' Day when my mother told me how emotional she was at seeing how healthy her daughter was looking following her transplant. I saw her last Saturday and have to agree with my mother. My sister looks very healthy.

It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, apart from giving birth to my daughter. Without the help and support of my husband and daughter it would never have been possible but the feeling is amazing - to see someone you love have their life back.

Nicky Burton