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Gift to last a lifetime

On the whole he is living a very full and active life.

I decided I could make a significant difference to my ailing brother's lifestyle.

I had done enough research and had the appropriate preliminary tests to know I was a suitable kidney donor.

I dropped by and told Barry I would like to give him a kidney. I suggested we should make some formal appointments and get things moving. He was quite shocked at my offer, but grateful.

Such is the miracle of life, Barry and I were a perfect match for transplant. The surgery uncomplicated, and the recovery powerful. In September this year we will celebrate 24 years sharing a radiant health.

I maintain my advantage with being robustly healthy - as I am today. I remain healthy and ready for life's challenges.

Barry was diagnosed with diabetes at the tender age of 12 years. There was no history of diabetes in our family. Our dad was one of eight children and my mum is one of 10. Barry has five children and seven grandchildren - amazingly, no diabetes.

Living a very full and active life, Barry grew to his own earth moving business, married and had children. His kidney failure put his active life on hold.

Dialysis made an immense difference with the chronic diabetic complexities which had left Barry so weak he was unable to walk across a room. The treatment could not sustain him indefinitely, hence my decision to help out with the transplant.

He maintains good health apart from being sight impaired, carries a little weight and has ongoing diabetes issues.

With the use of his motorised mobility aid, he maintains his independence. With a supportive family he enjoys Steam Engine Rally's, dance classes (not quite ballroom) and his grandchildren's sporting activities. On the whole he is living a very full and active life.


Nicky Burton