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The gift - Poem

He gave seven people a second chance to live.

My husband passed away in an accident nine years ago. During his life he helped countless people and in dying he magnanimously donated his healthy organs to others desperately in need and gave seven people a second chance to live healthy, happy lives with bright futures.

The following is a poem I received from a lung recipient, who competed in the World Transplant games in Nancy, France in 2003.


The gift

It was not my birthday
but I did receive one.
The difference it’s made to my life
is hard to believe,
I could hardly eat
sometimes could hardly walk.
Then there were other times
I couldn’t even talk.
Then along came a stranger
with the best gift one could give
a new set of lungs
and now I can really live.
I feel for the family
the sorrow they must bear
their sadness I will share
the rest of my life.
They all now play a part
and for this I say thank you
from the bottom of my heart.

Nicky Burton