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From giving through life to giving life

My mum
More people should be organ donors!

Our Mum has always been a remarkable woman who endured a life of hardship and torment, whilst teaching us six kids to be honest caring and empathetic toward all others.

She was always such a hard working person, struggling to raise us on little to no money. When we had visitors and resources were scarce, our code word was FGW (family goes without). If there was enough for six then there was enough for seven and we each just relinquished a little of what we had in order to share.

Every thing that we had growing up, was a sacrifice that mum had made in order to provide for us, and her example taught us to be generous towards others.

Mums inner strength, wisdom, generosity, fortitude, education, tenacity and love, touched all who knew her.

Unfortunately we lost Mum on the day after her 61st Birthday, when we as a family decided to turn off the machines that were keeping her alive. She had suffered a major heart attack and had lost all of her brain function.

We all knew her wishes because she had always made it very clear to us, that in this circumstance she would not like to stick around in a lifeless body attached to machines. She had also told us that she was a staunch supporter of organ donation, 'they're no good to me when I'm gone' she would say.

In the days before we decided to turn off mums life support, we met with the doctors treating her and with the organ donor people. They were just so amazing in their compassion for us, but more importantly, in their compassion and respect for mum.

The whole process, although heart wrenching and difficult for us, was made that little bit easier to deal with by these wonderful people and we will forever be thankful to them for this.

The support didn't stop. We received letters from them giving us information and support, and were updated on how mums final gift of organ donation was helping others. In total, mums organs lived on and saved the lives of three people - —a fact that fills me with joy and I'm certain that mum is of the same mindset.

Mum gave so much of herself while she was alive and continued to give even after she died.

I love her and miss her so much, but just knowing that there are three other families out there who get to have their loved ones for a bit longer means the world to me.

More people should be organ donors!


Nicky Burton