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Glen's story

What an extraordinary gift organ donation is.

Glen had a very unsettled start to life. He failed to thrive and was diagnosed with kidney reflux.

At eight weeks of age, after several operations to remove the obstruction, his left kidney was removed. His medical prognosis indicated that his right kidney had also suffered significant damage.

With expert advice and guidance from a pediatric nephrologist he managed to grow and achieve at school. He excelled at sport - in particular golf and cricket. He was selected in the under 19 Victorian cricket training squad.

During his teens it was necessary for Glen to be treated for rising blood pressure - an indication his remaining kidney was failing.

Glen undertook a Greenkeepers apprenticeship while working at the highly rated Barwon Heads Golf Course.

At the age of 24 he returned home to start dialysis. The hospital set up a dialysis machine in our home. Unfortunately he was unable to work due to the time constraints around dialysis. Family members were not compatible and he faced a possible lengthy wait on the transplant waiting list.

A neighbour, whose son was a classmate of Glen's at primary school, offered to donate one of his kidneys. After extensive tests and counselling, he gave Glen his life saving kidney. Initially the kidney suffered rejection until a suitable immuno-suppressant was found.

Wow! What a life changing gift. Glen returned to full time work and participated in the Adelaide, Canadian and Geelong Transplant Games. He and Barbara married and now have two beautiful boys Riley and Connor.

We continually think of this amazing gift. Glen loves his work as a greenkeeper, plays golf with a handicap of nine, enjoys gardening and most of all is a hands-on dad with his two boys.

What an extraordinary gift organ donation is.


Nicky Burton