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Jackson's hope

photo of Jackson
He knew that by donating he would be saving other people's lives.

My son Jackson was a very positive person who was extremely loyal to his family and friends. His greatest love was paddling out in the ocean to enjoy a good surf. He was very protective of his family especially his younger brother. He could always put a smile on my face through his fun loving personality.

Jackson was 17 when his life was tragically cut short due to being a front seat passenger in a high speed car accident. His younger brother Rhyley was a passenger in the back seat when the car careered out of control and hit a power pole.

Rhyley kept his brother alive until the paramedics arrived. Jackson was then air lifted to hospital sustaining massive head injuries.

My two sons and I had spoken before about organ and tissue donation. Jackson had told Rhyley and I that he didn't want to stay alive on a life support machine and that he would like to donate his organs if ever anything like this happened to him. His attitude was 'they are no good to me if I ever die'. He knew that by donating he would be saving other people's lives.

In living and dying Jackson was never ever a selfish person. He was strong and young and healthy. He was also a rare blood type which meant that the recipients he saved were people that had a very slim chance of receiving these organs.

I am very grateful for having had discussions with my boys about organ donation. When asked about donating Jacksons organs I felt the decision was easy, at such a traumatic time, because I knew what he would have wanted.

Jackson has made me, his father, his brother, and our families so proud of him in his short life.


Nicky Burton