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Jenni's story

I will be forever grateful to the donor family and everyone involved in my surgery

In 1993 when Jenni was 28 years old, she was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in her right leg. She underwent 3 months of chemotherapy before she had major surgery to remove the bone tumour - during which she received a large bone graft from the Perth Bone and Tissue Bank. The surgery took 15 hours, saving her leg from amputation. Following surgery, Jenni underwent weeks of further chemotherapy treatment.

Jenni knows she would not have been able to save her leg without receiving the bone graft; something she says has made a huge difference in her life. She is especially grateful to the donor family who agreed to donation after losing a loved family member; but also to her surgeon, the Bone Bank and for the great support she received from family and friends.

After 5 years of annual check-ups, Jenni was given the all clear and has led a very fulfilling life since. Jenni returned to full time work, and has managed to maintain a good work/life balance; still doing all the things she was able to do before the surgery.

Jenni has been married now for 16 years and has two healthy children Rebecca (14) who is a very keen jazz pianist and classical guitarist, and Thomas (11) who is a passionate soccer player. They are pictured here with Jenni's mother Jan who herself has some association with tissue donation.

Jenni's mother Jan has had two hip replacements, and each time she has donated her femoral head to the Bone Bank. Jan didn't hesitate when asked if she would like to donate, knowing that she could help someone else in need, just as Jenni had been helped by a generous stranger.

Both Jan and Jenni have been actively involved in promotion of donation through their membership of the Friends of the Perth Bone and Tissue Bank.

Jenni said "I will be forever grateful to the donor family and everyone involved in my surgery".

Nicky Burton