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Joy's story

I was a very lucky person to have a second chance and receive a new liver.

I had liver trouble for 16 years and my specialist said there was nothing that could be done. I had a condition called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and there was no cure for it. I had regular blood tests to monitor my liver function and I had to take Questran powder before each meal to stop my itching. I had a massive bleed when the enlarged veins in my oesophagus burst.

I was eventually put on the transplant waiting list but continued to have health problems. However, the hospital always took good care of me.

Four years later I got the call to come in for my liver transplant. I had managed to keep working right up to that day.

After my transplant I was in intensive care for two days and left hospital 19 days later in time to be home for Christmas with my three sons and two grandsons. I had a few little problems after my transplant. On day four of my transplant my liver rejected but the Liver Transplant Unit staff were able to reverse this and my liver is still working well. I was home for two weeks when I got an infection and had to spend two weeks in hospital again. I was able to go back to work two months after my transplant.

In the next two years I had another two operations when a few things went wrong, but again the hospital was great and fixed them up.

I worked full time for another 11 years then retired when I was 70 years old. I have now been home for one year as a full time carer for my partner who has ill health. I also baby-sit great grandchildren.

I was a very lucky person to have a second chance and receive a new liver.


Nicky Burton