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Judy's story

Judy and Ian
Judy and Ian
promote organ donation as a wonderful gift of life.

My husband Ian and I have shared many challenges in our 58 years together, but our double-sided experience of organ donation has sparked a new passion - to promote organ donation as a wonderful gift of life.

When we lost our son Dave in a tragic accident, we didn't hesitate when we were asked about the possibility of organ donation. We knew Dave was incredibly fit and healthy and it was the right thing to do.

In a twist of fate, 12 years after Dave's kidney donation, I needed a new kidney. A kidney infection at five months of age had left me with ongoing health issues, which worsened after I had children. By 1997, I was on dialysis three times a week. A donor kidney was my only hope for a second chance at life.

The minute I went on dialysis, I packed my bags in the hope that one day a kidney would come. Thirteen months later, it did. Within five months, I had a new life and my family was amazed at my new energy levels.

It changed my life completely. I can eat almost anything I like and I have put on some weight. I know that the kidney has grown as well.

With our unique insight into the positive outcomes for both donor families and organ recipients, we urge people to consider donation, and to speak with family and friends about organ donation.

Judy and Ian

Nicky Burton