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Julie's story

Peggy and David
A photo of Julie with her son
Julie became a donor at the age of 40. She gave seven people another chance in life.

A divorced working mum of one, Julie was constantly on the go. Julie was the older of two girls and like most sisters they had disagreements - but these spats were short lived and they would settle their differences.

Even though Julie was the elder, she was the littlest of the two girls and would be called 'the little princess'.

On receiving her High School Certificate she worked at various positions but was always looking to improve her career skills and jobs. She worked long hours with the Defence Department as well as managing a boys soccer team.

She was known as a Pied Piper picking up different team members of the local soccer team so that they could attend training and games.

She also was part of the local cricket team and ensured that her son was part of a team. She was a helper and constantly worried about family and friends, having the right gift for someone, cooking the right meal for guests and helping others if she thought they needed it.

In November Julie complained of a head ache that she'd had all day, thinking that lying on her neck crookedly during the night was causing the pain.

After collapsing she was taken to hospital via ambulance where she began to have fits. Over the next ten days she was taken to the operating theatre on three separate occasions. During this time she was not able to communicate very well and was terribly confused - thinking she still lived in Sydney. The skills of all the medical staff were not enough to save her.

Julie became a donor at the age of 40. She gave seven people another chance in life. Her heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver were transplanted successfully. Big things from a girl who was not five foot tall and who had hearing loss.

Her organs have helped the recipients and their families and we can't imagine and the joy that they have received. It would be great to know that some of her personality has rubbed off on them.

Peggy and David

Nicky Burton