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It is truly a remarkable gift to save a life.

The phone rang at 9.35 am to notify my wife Marilyn that a kidney had become available and that it had been allocated to her. It gave her the gift of life.

Marilyn had been waiting for over five years for an organ to become available, along with other Australians who watch as the list continues to grow.

Twelve months have passed and with the help of the wonderful medical team supporting her, she is doing great. She now lives a normal life and has so many happy moments to look forward to.

Lives were saved from that one donor and the family that chose to save lives in the memory of their loved one.

The good news is, Marilyn is doing remarkably well.

If we can play a part in spreading the word on how important it is to DONATE LIFE, then we have played our part.

We will continue to provide information and support anyone who needs questions answered.

It is truly a remarkable gift to save a life.

Thank you to the transplant staff for the great job they do, along with the different organisations and other medical teams that support organ and tissue donation.


Nicky Burton