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Michael's story

His organs helped six people with life saving transplants.

Michael died when he was 32 and his organs helped six people with life saving transplants.

Michael was very healthy and active in the Surf Lifesaving movement and a member of the Palm Beach Surf Club since he left school. He loved to surf.

He enjoyed country music writing songs and he played in a band that was gaining recognition, winning a Tiara Country Music Award.

At the time of his death Michael was nominated for a Golden Guitar Award. He made frequent visits to Tamworth and one night he crashed into a tree on his way to Tamworth to visit his girlfriend before giving a performance nearby.

We were told that with the head injuries he sustained he wasn't going to make it. We had discussed organ donation as a family and knew Michael wanted to be an organ donor.

Michael's loving and generous spirit spread with the generous legacy of organ donation helped save and transform the lives of six people.

Nicky Burton