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My Angel

My angel Alesha
My baby girl gave a gift to two men and a younger lady. 

My only child Alesha was killed at 13 years and 10mths when the doctor's looked at me and said there was nothing more they could do and they were sorry. This was the day I really experience what true heart break felt like. So many people say how amazing we were for the gift we gave but to be honest it was my own selfish reasons I decided to donate. I was told I had to turn off machines because my only child was brain dead but how do you chose a time on a clock that only gives you from 1/ 12 ? How do you decide to turn off the machines helping keep your babies body alive?  I choose to donate my child's organs because I wanted more time, more time to smell them, more time to hug them tell them how much you love them, beg them to stay.  The people that received get more time to love and enjoy. Sometimes the most selfless actions in the end were done for own selfish reasons. My baby girl gave a gift to two men and a younger lady.  One man had suffered for 34 years and my baby girl died on my 34th birthday. I love that every year those people would remember the gift they were given and remember my Angel ?

Nicky Burton