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My brother

I am forever grateful to my brother's donor family for their selfless act.

As a kid growing up in a small town, Kerry was not only my big brother, he was also my mate and someone I looked up to. Our friendship became even stronger when we were playing sport together.

When I first found out that Kerry was sick with lung disease, I didn't think anything of it at the time. I thought that with a few medications he would get well again and things would be back to normal.

However things were to take a different turn with the realisation that he was never going to get better - only worse. I was at Kerry's place every day, assisting both him and his wife with everyday chores that he was unable to perform. I was his window to the outside world, a shoulder for his wife to lean on and support when the going got tough.

His illness brought us even closer, although I missed the person that he used to be. I missed being able to do the things that we had once done, laughing at a silly joke, going to a footy match and even going out for dinner.

Words still fail me if I try to describe how I felt when the call came through to tell us that he was going to get his life-saving lung transplant. I had given up hope that it was ever going to happen.

Life since his transplant continues to be surreal. We are closer now than we ever were - spending time together, and enjoying life because we know how close he came to not being here.

I am forever grateful to my brother's donor family for their selfless act. Without them I would not have my brother here today. Thank you so much.


Nicky Burton