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My Dad's (Ken) story

Ken Pert
My father was one of the lucky ones to receive a kidney from an organ donor

Organ donation has affected my family as my father was one of the lucky ones to receive a kidney from an organ donor. In September 1986 he received a kidney transplant. 

I can still remember what he went through doing a full day’s work and then going to hospital to go on dialysis for 3 – 4 hours every 3 days. After a while he was trained to do home dialysis and then he was able to do this home. During this period when he was on the waiting list he still carried out his normal job on a building site and then on weekends he built an extension to our house in Canberra. After the transplant we were told that the chances of dads body accepting the new kidney was only about 30% however as time moved on, those odds increased on a daily, weekly then monthly basis. He was able to recommence work again for a further 10 years until the wear & tear as well as his ongoing medication finally took a toll on his body & was forced to retire 

The average life expectancy of a kidney recipient we were told was around 10-12 years (this may of changed by now). So thus begun another new & exciting chapter of his life. On September 26th last year, marked his 32nd year since his transplant. In those EXTRA 32 years we had with dad, he experienced many highs & lows.  Both sons get married. The birth of 5 Grand-children, watching his Grand Children grow up before his eyes & seeing them turn into the people they have become today. Experienced life changing holidays from around the world, 32 Christmases with family & friends. Welcomed in 32 New Year’s Eves. Many tears of pain & sadness, however many more of joy & happiness, and 51 years with his forever soul mate (MUM).

Sadly my father passed away at the end of April this year. His passing has made me more determined to continue raising awareness of Organ Donation.

Nicky Burton