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My Hunt

Hunter's mum
Image of Hunter, cute little blue eyed boy
What Hunter did was such a beautiful gift.

The way I remember Hunter is him being a little ratbag, laughing at the world and thinking that he was the boss. Hunter had my heart wrapped around his little finger. He was and still is the highlight of my life.

Hunter was born in late 2005. Arriving two and a half weeks early, he weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces or 3.8 kilos. Hunter had a difficult start to his life. When the doctors delivered Hunter he was struggling to breathe and he had to be whisked away and put on oxygen for the next few hours. Luckily for me I had a little fighter on my hands.

Hunter was just such an easy going baby. He was the kind of baby that people are jealous of. I guess I didn't know at the time that I was living with an angel without wings.

I think Hunter knew that he didn't have long in this world. He was in such a rush to do everything. He sat up and got his first tooth at five months, he crawled at seven months, started walking at eight months and was running by nine months! He was always so busy, never stopping for a breath?just go, go, go. He was the reason I got up in the mornings!

The day Hunter died is a day that I would much rather forget. Hunter's death was very unexpected because he wasn't a sick child, so when he was rushed to hospital with a bleed on the brain, I knew that I would never take my baby home.

That day was the day that my heart was broken! When Hunter's father and I were asked to consider organ donation it was not a decision that we had to think about. We decided that we would never want anyone to go through this, that no mother or father should ever have to bury their child and if Hunter could help just one other person or another baby then Hunter would donate his organs.

We had Hunter christened the next morning and we got to give him his last bath, and then we just waited for the doctors to take him for his donation. We did get to spend as much time with him as we wanted after the operation and I think it was the early hours of the morning before I left the hospital.

The doctors who operated on Hunter said that they were honoured to do so as he was the smallest person that they had operated on at that time. We believe what Hunter did was such a beautiful gift and feel that he was given to us to help other people. We have found out that he has helped both adults and babies with his donation and we are so very proud of him. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful gift in my life than Hunter.

Hunter's mum

Nicky Burton