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My life is whole again

Ian standing in front of a tractor
I sincerely thank the family of the person who donated their organs to me.

I am a farmer and we run sheep and grow vegetable crops.

My wife would often ask me what was wrong as I was getting tired easily and couldn't stand for very long. I started to get terrific headaches that would last for 24 hours, and at times I became confined to bed.

Following several visits to the doctor and hospital, I was told my kidneys were failing and I would have to commence dialysis before long. The hospital staff were great, providing support and lots of information not only to me but to my wife and family.

Several months passed and I was encouraged to start dialysis. To my surprise I felt much better. We explored the possibility of a family member being able to donate one of their kidneys to me. Despite all the wonderful people who offered, it just wasn't going to be.

I got to the point where I had to plan and manage the farm from the hospital and an armchair, as I was unable to do manual work. I had to let others do the work for me, which was very frustrating.

We spent a weekend away and had bought some trees for the farm. The following Monday we were planting these trees, or a least my wife planted and I did what I could.

We were coming back through the sheep yards to bring in some sheep, when I received a call from the renal doctor.

By 9.30pm that night I was in theatre for a kidney transplant. After five weeks recovery, we were able to return home, where I am now able to look after our farm again.

I sincerely thank the family of the person who donated their organs to me. It has made my life whole again.


Nicky Burton