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My Precious Gift

By Jennifer
A picture of Jennifer, blonde hair and looking happy
The decision they made gave me a gift of life that I will cherish forever.

Hi, my name is Jennifer.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with a rare deficiency which affected my lungs. I was living on 20% oxygen and told I would need a double lung transplant.

I was afraid and couldn't quite get my head around the idea as I didn't know a lot about transplants. I had what I believed to be a good quality of life where I could still do most things, just at a much slower pace. I also have twin boys that needed their mum.

Seven years later I was still on oxygen and finding life a little hard at times. It was then I decided that I did need the double lung transplant. My boys were 13 years old by this stage.

After being on the list for only one and a half months, I received my precious gift. This has not only changed my life, but the life of my children.

I think about my donor and their family every day. The decision they made gave me a gift of life that I will cherish forever. I am taking care of their loved one, whom now is a part of me. I will be forever grateful.

I would like to thank my family and friends for their support and strength, even when they were hurting inside. I could not have done this alone. So thank you for your love and patience.

I feel amazing and make the most out of every day. Life really is beautiful. Thank you. xxx


Nicky Burton