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I know that Naomi is and always will be around us.

My name is Judy and I'm the mother of two very beautiful daughters, Gayle who is still with me and Naomi, who passed away last year.

I am also the grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, Tyson and Dannika. We all had a very close relationship when the most unimaginable thing possible happened and our lives were changed forever.

My youngest daughter Naomi passed away. I couldn't and still can’t believe it’s happened. As far as we were concerned Naomi was a healthy 24-year-old and we had no idea what was to come.

Naomi was taken to hospital at lunchtime and passed away early that night. Being in the hospital with her as she slipped away from us was, I'm sure, any parent's nightmare. I felt like someone had just ripped my heart into pieces. I was so numb, like it wasn't happening to me.

It was a really bad nightmare and I wished I could just have a good night's sleep and it would all be okay in the morning. I realised when the doctors had come back to talk to us again that it was all real, no matter how much I wished it wasn’t.

I knew once she had passed that I had to speak to the doctors about donating whatever we could as Naomi had made it very strongly known right from when she first got her learner's driver's licence, that she wanted to be an organ donor.

We all often talked about it, so to make that final decision for me wasn't that hard. We were, however, surprised to know that due to her circumstances, we were only able to donate her corneas which helped two people. I knew, even though I couldn't keep her here, that others would benefit and she would still live on in them. I know she would have been so excited to know she was able to help these people live easier lives.

It'’s been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through and every day is still a struggle but I know that Naomi is and always will be around us.

We love and miss her so much.


Nicky Burton