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Natalie's story

Without my transplant I don't know where I would be today

After 25 years of having Type 1 diabetes, my kidneys started to fail at the age of 30. For two years my renal specialist kept a close eye on my kidneys with regular check ups and constant blood tests.

He arranged an appointment for me to be assessed for a possible kidney and pancreas transplant. I went through all the pre-transplant testing including fitness tests, stress tests and the usual bloods.

My kidney function became bad enough for the doctors to put me on the transplant waiting list. By this stage I was quite unwell and getting through everyday things was becoming a struggle.

Just two months later I received the greatest phone call of my life, asking if I would like to come down the next day for my new organs! How could I refuse this wonderful gift, the gift of life!

I received my new kidney and pancreas and I have never looked back. Due to being quite ill for a number of years, my life had been on hold, but now there was no stopping me! Just 12 months later I began my Education Degree at university and I will graduate in two years time.

Without my transplant I don't know where I would be today but I know for sure that I wouldn't be sitting here so happy, healthy with a great future ahead of me.

Every single day I walk around with someone else by my side - my donor. I will have this person with me for the rest of my life. Without my donor, my doctors and nurses, my friends and of course last but not least my wonderful loving, caring, amazing family (in particular my caring, supportive, loving parents and brothers) I would not be here today writing my story.


Nicky Burton