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Neville's story

Neville would have given his last cent

At 18 years of age Neville was a promising student in digital media who also enjoyed dancing and drama. That same year he was diagnosed with a brain tumour close to his brain stem. Neville had a biopsy and recovered well but his prognosis was terminal because the tumour was inoperable as it was quite deep.

He incurred some light swelling to the brain but while in hospital he 'crashed' and became unconscious. More surgery followed as his brain continued to swell. Following waiting, monitoring and tests, I recall my mother saying "What do we need to do about organ donation?". I knew he had filled out forms to register as a donor but more than this I knew the way Neville lived his life was that he would give anyone his last cent if it could help them. I knew he would want to help others by donating his organs.

He did help people. Five other Australian lives were saved through the generosity of Neville'’s organ donation - his lungs, kidney and liver. His liver was able to be split so that it saved two lives.

I have had discussions with my family and they all know my wish to donate.

The Theatrix of Performing Arts at Unanderra now has a perpetual trophy to honour Neville but his wonderful giving spirit lives on through organ donation.

Nicky Burton