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One good turn deserves another

Brett's wife
Soon after we received a letter to advise us that Brett's organs had helped 5 people

Brett was the recipient of two corneal transplants and was adamant that should something happen to him 'they can take what ever they want'. It was noted on his driver's licence and something that he was passionate about. Never did I think I would need this information.

Then out of the blue Brett was admitted to hospital with severe headaches and nausea. Within an hour he was in a coma.The following morning I gave permission for a scan as I was preparing our children for their day in school and child care.Later that afternoon I was informed that Brett had a brain tumor and was going to Adelaide for treatment. Still later that day I was told he was 'brain dead' and that all intensive care machines would be turned off.

I then enquired about him wanting to be an organ donor. The hospital staff were amazing and the process was put in place. A team came up from Adelaide to retrieve the organs. This process gave us an additional 36 hours to say goodbye to my husband and the father to our two wonderful children.

Soon after we received a letter to advise us that Brett's organs had helped five people. We were pleased that his wishes had been carried out and pleased that the process was successful. Happy that something had come out of our sudden and very sad loss.

I still miss my husband after many years, though I know he made the right decision and I am pleased we could carry out his wishes.

Nicky Burton