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Ongoing generations

By Suzi
Suzi in a red dress standing with her family
After receiving my kidney transplant, my life completely changed for the better.

I have had renal failure all my life and I am currently 56 years old.

Straight after my honeymoon (age 20) I received my first access device (fistula) to go on haemodialysis at home which lasted four years.

As a couple we were always told we would not be able to have any children.

After receiving my kidney transplant at the age of 24 my life completely changed for the better, but I was still unable to conceive.

Then a miracle happened. After prayer my body healed further. Two weeks later I had a healthy period and two weeks after that I fell pregnant. Ron and I had beautiful boy/girl twins - —Samuel and Maree.

My transplant lasted 23 years in which time we were able to travel and live normal lives.

After the transplant failure, I went onto PD (Peritoneal dialysis) for eight years and now I have been back on haemodialysis for two years.

The best news now, is that my twins are 28 years old and are both married. I now have a one year old baby granddaughter Bonnie.

The next generation...


Nicky Burton