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Our Dad


It may have been the worst day of our lives but it was the best day for two very lucky people. 

At 5am I got the call to say Dad had fallen suffering the biggest brain haemorrhage doctors had seen. My sister and I headed straight for the hospital.

They operated to relieve the pressure on Dad's brain and it was the hardest, longest 36 hours of our lives sitting there waiting and praying for him to wake up and recover.

He was given 48 hours but after 24 his body was shutting down and there was no brain function at all. Nothing was going to change and doctors suggested organ donation. 

It was an unbearable shock that he wasn't coming back to us but easy to say yes straight away,because it was always a wish of Dads, and we had such support and sympathy from the hospital representative, who explained the process and ensured we understood our Dad would be treated with nothing but respect. This helped calm the nerves and showed us it was the right decision, after all there's no greater gift than life itself!  

Dad was someone everyone loved and wanted to be around, the life of the party but most importantly an unselfish, caring man who would do anything for anyone. 

So we would never deny him the chance to save lives  two with his kidney and lungs possibly countless others through donating his pancreas for research.  

To think he was still helping people after his passing proves he was a selfless man and a true hero to his three girls. We couldn't be any more proud of him.

To make the situation more bearable we wrote to Dad's organ recipients and were so happy to hear back. 

It was amazing reading how well they were doing and overwhelming that one shared our Dad's love of fishing, the bush and their vegie garden.

It's so comforting to us all knowing part of him is out there enjoying life and the things that meant so much.

Most positive is the special feeling that strangers have extended their ever so precious time with their families, all because of our amazing Daddy. 

We love and miss him more than words.

Nicky Burton