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Our Linda - our sister

The world was a better place for her being part of it.

Linda or 'Lou' as we called her was one of a family of seven brothers and sisters. She was also a wife and mother of two. Lou died suddenly when she was 42 years young.

She was someone who was fiercely protective of her family and friends. She was always there to give a helping hand, and even in death she was able to help by donating her heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and corneas. There are people alive today because she had let her family know her wishes, and we as a family honoured her wishes. It was simply part of her personality to give.

They say The Lord works in mysterious ways. In the hours before her sudden death she talked to all her sisters and even had a cuppa and a scotch finger biscuit, laughing and having a good time planning her trip to the races on Melbourne Cup day.

Linda would have been sorry to have missed knowing her beautiful grandchildren, seeing them running carefree on her beloved Nudgee Beach.

The world was a better place for her being part of it. She will always have a place in our hearts - love you Lou.


Nicky Burton