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Paired kidney exchange

Rodney and Jenni
We are both doing fantastically since the operation.

Several years ago we found out that my wife Jenni had kidney disease and that this disease would eventually lead to renal failure. Not long after, we were told that she was in the last stage of renal failure and that she would have to prepare herself to start dialysis.

We heard about something that would change our lives forever - the option of a living donor transplantation. From that point forward I knew that if I could, I would donate a kidney to my wife.

Unfortunately, after a series of tests, we discovered that I was not compatible and that I would not be able to donate my kidney. We were told that we might be able to participate in a kidney donor exchange program. I would donate my kidney to someone, so that Jen could get a kidney from someone who was a match for her body.

The testing began once more, and soon after we received the call we had been waiting for. We were to be part of the first paired kidney exchange in our state and our transplant operations were scheduled for the following month.

The operation was one of the most significant days of our lives - for us and for our children. All three attended the hospital to be with us and to watch over us as we got through the day and those that followed.

We are both doing fantastically since the operation. It took Jen a while to adjust to her medication, but she has been lucky. We have both been so lucky.


Nicky Burton