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Pamela's story

Pam was an intelligent motivated woman with a great sense of purpose

From the earliest age Pamela showed great aptitude for all things artistic. At school she excelled at English and Literature with a special fondness for the writings of Dorothea Mackeller and A. A. Milne—able to quote from their works at will.

Pamela also showed skill in athletics, hockey and tennis, playing the latter well into her forties, and was acknowledged as a talented pianist.

As an artist though she excelled— beginning to sketch from an early age, encouraged by her parents and her art teachers. As the years went by she also painted and produced wonderful leadlight works, complicated tassels and intricate mosaics. Surprisingly it was not until 2008 that her artwork was first publicly shown, with collectors joining the ranks of family, friends, colleagues and admirers who prized her originals.

Pam’s abilities and interests led her to work for over 30 years as a teacher’s assistant, starting in the country then working for 29 years in a suburban primary school where she specialised in helping children with learning difficulties.

She married and was the proud mother of three children. Her marriage to Ken lasted for more than 21 years and included numerous holidays, travelling around the Kimberley region enjoying the comforts of great train journeys across Australia. Trips through England, Italy and France gave Pam the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous architecture, music and artworks of the old world.

Retiring from her final school posting Pam concentrated on her close and fulfilling relationship with her family—as daughter, wife, mother and Nan to the youngest generation of the family.

Her usually good state of health took a downturn when she was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital—and although receiving the best of care and attention she passed away. In death she gave the gift of sight by donating her corneas.

Pam was an intelligent motivated woman with a great sense of purpose—intensely involved in everything and who lived a full and very vibrant life. She is greatly missed.


Nicky Burton