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Quality of life restored

Through the Eye Bank I was able to write an anonymous thank you letter to them.

As an active 75 year old widow I had to curtail many of my activities because of failing eye sight. I had to stop driving my car and doing dress making which I had done since I was a teenager. Reading was difficult and only possible with the aid of a strong magnifier. The cells of my cornea were disintegrating and as cells of the cornea do not replace themselves, as do other body cells, my only hope of improved vision was a corneal transplant.

When I visited the ophthalmologist I could not see the big letter on the top of the eye chart with my right eye. The left eye, while not as bad, was also deteriorating. I was put onto a waiting list and seven months later received a call as a cornea had become available. After a 50 minute operation my own cornea had been removed and the donated cornea stitched into place. It was about three months before it had settled enough for my glasses to be prescribed. The left eye received a cornea 12 months later.Five years later, with correct glasses, I am able to read the second bottom line on the eye chart, am able to drive my car, use my sewing machine and read comfortably.

Thank you to the two donors and their families who, even while coping with their own grief, consented to the donation and restored my quality of life. Through the Eye Bank I was able to write an anonymous thank you letter to them. Once again THANK YOU wherever you may be.


Nicky Burton