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Ray Ray's story

We thank the donor and their family. We will be forever thankful.

My husband Ray received a kidney transplant. Ray had a rough life up to then with several medical problems including Alports Syndrome. After the transplant he spent many months in hospital.

Under the amazing care of doctors and staff, Ray survived another 14 years before he passed away aged 48 years, from unrelated complications.

We had the opportunity to travel and enjoyed doing things you cannot do on dialysis. When Ray received his kidney he was also given the opportunity to watch his two children grow up.

Without this gift our children Jamie and Emma would not have had their dad for the extra 14 years.

The gift of donation is amazing and it's so important to talk about your wishes when you are well.

We thank the donor and their family. We will be forever thankful to the Renal Transplant Team.

Also, there were so many other amazing people in Ray's life who gave him quality of life as well as support and guidance through his many challenges.


Nicky Burton