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Stewart's story

Stewart may be gone but he will always live on

Story of encouragement

My son Stewart was tragically killed in a freak motor bike accident. I still find it hard to believe that he is gone and that I just can't wake up from this nightmare.

Stewart was like an angel that shone a light on this dark world. He lived to be a good servant of God and helped people in need. He was only 19 when he volunteered in Uganda and spent a further six months there when he was 21.

On the day of his accident he did some unpaid work to help out his boss, then he was fixing tiles on a roof and then crawling under a house to fix some piping.

It seems so unfair that the only time he had to relax and enjoy himself was when he went for a ride on his bike with his friend. It ended in tragedy.

He touched so many lives through his willingness to support anyone in need. Where God gave him eternal life, he too willingly gave the gift of life to six people through organ donation.

Stewart wanted to be a Minister and I was recently sent a tape where he was a guest speaker at a local church. He preached about encouragement and how we need to always support those in need. It made me smile again from within and I realised just how proud I was of him.

He has given me encouragement, and at the end of this year I am going to Uganda to volunteer.

I will continue to promote the importance of registering to donate and talking about it with your loved ones.

Stewart may be gone but he will always live on. Knowing about the lives he has changed through organ donation has brought me a sense of peace and balance in trying to cope with the tragic loss of my beautiful son.


Nicky Burton