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The story of Nathan

Rob, Karin, Dylan, Jessika and Hannah
Picture of Nathan standing in front of a water fall with a blue hoodie on
Knowing Nathan’s gifts have improved and even saved the lives of four people.

Nathan was in a very good place.

He’d just spent his 22nd birthday in New Zealand with his girlfriend, Hannah, exploring the South Island and meeting members of her family.

He returned home to Sydney after two weeks away with the air of a young man who knew where he was headed with his life and was very content with the prospect.

At work, he was about to be promoted to fully qualified motorcycle technician having completed his four-year apprenticeship with distinction and an industry award for excellence.

Just three days after his return, Nathan was on his way to work when his motorcycle collided with a van. The result was a catastrophic head injury from which there would be no recovery.

A few months earlier when he renewed his driver’s licence, Nathan told us he’d ticked the donor box. So, when the doctors asked quietly and respectfully if we’d consider donating his organs, we were able, without hesitation to agree.

As a result, one person is breathing with his lungs, another has been given one of his kidneys, the second kidney has gone to a child and one of his heart valves to a baby.  One other heart valve is in storage to be used as an eligible recipient comes along.

Thanks to the nurses, doctors and members of the organ donation unit at the hospital who looked after Nathan, and us, as if we were family. Your extraordinary professionalism, compassion and empathy helped us every step of the way as we fulfilled Nathan’s express wish to be an organ donor

For that we are truly grateful.

Not a day goes by when we don’t think of our son and no words can describe the feelings, emotions and sorrow that well up every time we do. The memories of him growing up, his passion for his mates, motor cycles and sport, his love of family and girlfriend and his life’s huge potential.

Knowing Nathan’s gifts have improved and even saved the lives of four people, and potentially one more, is tremendously important to us and has made losing him just a little bit easier.

Rob, Karin, Dylan, Jessika and Hannah. 

Nicky Burton