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Tessa's story

We are still a family of five thanks to someone else

At age 7 our little girl Tessa has dealt with a lot. She has a mummy with Leukaemia, has undergone spinal procedures, had a broken leg and received a kidney transplant.

Tessa’s health deteriorated sometime around Easter. She had become tired, weak and had a lack of appetite. We put it down to recent surgeries and school. Then on Good Friday, Tessa nearly collapsed at a netball game. We knew something wasn't right, so we drove to the nearest hospital which was 40 minutes away. When we arrived, Tessa was taken in for routine tests, including a urine test which she could not produce.

Godsend number one was the doctor’s request to do a blood test. Tessa underwent two more tests as her haemoglobins and kidney function were extremely low. Tessa was flown out urgently to a larger hospital.

Godsend number two was the support from the nephrology team at the next hospital. We were informed that Tessa had gone into renal failure, later diagnosed as Chronic Renal failure. She needed her blood flushed and needed peretenial dialysis. After 4 weeks we were allowed to return home and the waiting began for a donor kidney as my husband and I were not compatible.

After 16 months we received that long awaited call.... there was a kidney for Tessa. This was godsend number three! The drive to the hospital was the longest drive of our lives and a rollercoaster of emotions. You are never prepared for the agonising wait to see if the kidney is a match, the fear for your child, happiness for their recovery and then the sadness that someone has had to die for your child to be well.

Tessa is now a new girl, full of life, love, energy and a little bit of attitude. We are so lucky to have our new girl back with us and so grateful to the family that donated their loved ones organs. We are still a family of five thanks to someone else and we will forever hold them and their family in our hearts.


Nicky Burton